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It is estimated that, to date, some four million people have successfully made PPI claims for mis sold policies or are in the process of doing so. Anyone who has taken out a loan, a mortgage or any form of credit agreement is likely to have been mis sold PPI. The average payment for a PPI refund is currently around £3,000, so it is certainly worth considering. At PPIClaims.info we have so far helped many thousands of clients get back the money spent on payment protection insurance fees, and we can help you get back what is rightfully yours.

While we are processing your PPI claims we will also look at getting you back any unfair credit card charges, something that not all claims companies do. If you fill in the simple form online, it will take just a few minutes, we will get back to you at your convenience. If you prefer you can call us on 0800 111 6887 and one of our specialist claims advisers will be more than happy to answer your questions and help put your claim into action.

Why use PPIClaims.info?

We understand that many people are reluctant to use a claims company for their PPI claims, but rest assured that we have the experience to make the entire process simple, stress free and successful. You can make a PPI compensation claim on your own, but with professional help on hand you are free to get on with your daily life while we handle the claim.

The following are reasons to use our services:

1: Our team of SPECIALIST PPI CLAIMS SOLICITORS is committed to making sure your claim receives the individual attention that is required and deserved.

2: There are no UPFRONT FEEs; our job is to help you get back what is rightfully yours. We consider upfront fees on payment protection insurance claims to be unfair and unethical.

3: Our NO WIN NO FEE deal ensures there will be nothing for you to pay in the unlikely event your claim is rejected.

4: There are no HIDDEN EXTRAS; if you cannot find the paperwork, we will pay for it to be sent from the lender.

5: Our charges are clear and simple: YOU PAY 25% + VAT on any funds recovered, and only then when the case is closed.

6: We treat each and every customer individually, and each is allocated a DEDICATED CASE HANDLER to keep you informed of progress during the PPI reclaim process. We do not pass you from pillar to post on the phone.

PPIClaims.info has so far made successful claims for many thousands of customers, and our experience stems from the very beginnings of the PPI claims scandal. We work within the strict guidelines set by the Ministry of Justice, and we take pride in our standards of customer service.



All about Payment Protection Insurance

Like many insurance policies PPI can be confusing to the layman, thanks in no small part to the language used to describe things. Following is a brief look at PPI, and how to reclaim PPI costs, in simple terms.

How the PPI Scandal came about

In 2005 the Financial Services Authority was advised of a number of complaints regarding mis sold PPI, and decided to investigate further. It was found that mis selling of policies was far from uncommon. In 2007 the decision was taken to rewrite the regulations – it is now, for instance, against the law for a lender to sell single rate PPI policies – and heavy fines were handed out to many high street lenders. A decision by the High Court in 2011 meant all fees on mis sold PPI must be repaid, with compensation added.

Mis sold PPI Provisions and Fines

Following the High Court order it became clear that lenders were about to be inundated with PPI claims, and they were forced to set aside money to cover the costs. The total across all lenders has so far exceeded £13billion, with the Lloyds Banking Group having set aside over £5billion alone. It remains the choice of the consumer whether to use a professional to claim or to do it alone, but the fact remains it is the legal right of anyone who has been mis sold PPI to claim back their fees.

How Much Might I Receive?

The average payment for PPI claims is currently around £3000, but there has been at least one claim that totaled in excess of £50,000. The amount varies from case to case and is influenced by many different factors.

You could use an online PPI Calculator to get an idea of your possible payment, or alternatively you can call us on 0800 111 6887 and one of our expert advisers will be able to talk you through the process and provide a more accurate figure. All of our advice is free of charge, and we will not put you under any pressure.